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An exclusive selection for you

For those of you who are searching for that unique gift this festive season, our exclusive selection is sure to inspire you. We have carefully curated this spectacular collection of distinctive pieces to help you find that perfect and timeless gift.

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Rose & Tied Vessels
Glazed stoneware and porcelain decorated with gold lustre
Rose: W30 x H47 cm | Tied: W15 x H32 cm

Rinse Off Scarf Collection
Potato starch on roving wool (Selection of different wool available)
Various sizes


Moth To A Flame
Handmade in porcelain
Tall: W8 x D8 x H17 cm | Low: W8 x D8 x H12 cm


Luxury Towers
Acrylic blocks and baked enamel coating
Tall: L8 x W8 x H18 cm | Medium: L13 x W12 x H11 cm | Low: L29 x W10 x H7 cm


Carnivora Planters
Hand sculpted porcelain, finished in high-gloss glaze
Small: H17 x 15 x 18 cm | Medium: H22 x 15 x 18 cm | Large: H27 x 15 x 18 cm


Block Printed Cushions
100% cotton waffle, linen, wool
30 x 50 cm


Conceal or Reveal Collection
Wheel-thrown ceramic pots with lost-wax cast glass stoppers
Various sizes


La Familia Containers
Hand carved Lenga wood from Patagonia and copper lids
Various sizes


Crinkle Glasses
Mouth blown glass, colour pigments
Dia 6 x H12 cm


Cork & Leather Bowls
Cork, vegetable tanned leather, string, beeswax
Large: L58 x W40 x H20 cm | Small: L38 x W30 x H14 cm


Baby Bowl Gang
Hand sculpted Iron-rich stoneware clay, glazed
Approx. Dia 5 x H5 cm

Uben Vase
Black stoneware
Large: W22 x H30 cm | Small: W20 x H23 cm


Core Vessels
Hand sculpted earthenware and ceramic, glazed
Various sizes