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Bokeh LDF20

This year Mint’s exhibition showcases a distinctive capsule collection, which merges traditional craft and innovative techniques. Please see a sneak peek of the striking pieces that will be on display in the gallery. Come and visit!

Woven Collection by Max Lipsey


Funny Shiny Alter by Duccio Maria


Left image: Constantin Bench by Francesco Balzano, Right image: Achille Armchair by Pool Studio (Theoreme Editions)

Core Vases by Willem van Hooff


Bottom Ash Bench by Carissa Ten Tije


Transparency Matters & Vintage Collection by Draga Aurel


Scraped Earth by Rino Claessens


Fictive Erosion by Kajsa Melchior


Kuro Collection by Lukas Cober


Rinse Off Textile Collection by Caterina Tioli


Braided Leather by Esna Su


Bue Brushes by Poppy Lawman


Root Series by Park Seon min for Gallery Wannmul