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Coal: Post-Fuel by Jesper Eriksson

Coal reaches new dimensions with the unique furniture collection by Jesper Eriksson. He explores this iconic fossil fuel as a substance to be cherished and elevating it to the likes of marble. Continue reading to explore more about how true innovation is captured…

Coal Side Table © Jesper Eriksson

London-based artist and designer Jesper Eriksson is fascinated by human culture and our relationship to materials in a socio-economical context. He has created a series of furniture and objects using solid ‘Hard Coal’ or ‘Anthracite Coal’ sourced from Welsh mines. This specific form of coal is much harder and resistant due to its high content of carbon making it an ideal material to create this collection. His structural investigation into coal establishes a new value and beauty for the material.

Coal Coffee Table © Jesper Eriksson

“Coal is traditionally seen as a functional raw material; from being a fuel that releases carbon dioxide to a precious design object with no harmful effects on the environment.”

– Jesper Eriksson

Coal Stool/Side Table © Jesper Eriksson

“My interest as a designer and artist is to understand, untangle and disrupt the human relationship with coal in order to create new contemporary narratives. What if we assigned a new meaning to coal? What if we decided to use coal as a building material rather than burn it? After all, it is the CO2 that is released from burning it that is harmful, not the material. In fact, the compressed organic sedimentary rock, or million year-long geological processes is itself rare and quite extraordinary carbon conservation – a way to store energy not to release it.”

– Jesper Eriksson

Coal Stool/Side Table © Jesper Eriksson

Coal Console © Jesper Eriksson

Coal: Post-Fuel Collection © Inge Clemente

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