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Colombian Crafts Meets Modern Design

Colombian Crafts Meets Modern Design
Furniture collection by Ames

Ames furniture and home accessories represent a unique lifestyle that is rooted in vibrancy, freedom, and broadmindedness. With its studio in the Rheinland, Germany, Ames shines through with a combination of traditional Colombian craftsmanship and a passion for sophisticated, modern design, providing your home with incomparable charisma and individualism.

Founded in 2006 by Ana María Calderón Kayser, the brand has worked together with German-based designer Sebastian Herkner to create a stunning furniture collection perfect for indoors and outdoors, inspired by the colours and flair of the Caribbean.

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Sebastian Herkner and Ana María Calderón Kayse with their team of craftsmen from Colombia

Caribe Collection
For this collection, Sebastian Herkner has created furniture that features traditional woven plastic combined with a tubular steel frame, a handcraft typical of Colombia’s Caribbean-coast region where the furniture has been made. In this region of Colombia, children are taught the popular ‘momposino’ weaving technique in school. The designers and the artisans spent time together to test how best to implement the round shapes using this technique, selecting fresh, cheerful, and striking colours as vivid as the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The furniture is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and consists of dining chairs, lounge chairs, benches and high and low side tables.

Caribe 2-Seater Bench
W112 x D69.6 x H72, Seat Height: 41 cm

Caribe Lounge Chair
W62.5 x D65.7 x H72, Seat height: 41 cm

Caribe Vis a Vis Bench
W123 x D94.5 x H72, Seat Height: 41 cm

Caribe Natural Collection
The craftspeople in the Ames ateliers use an exceptionally intricate weaving technique to create the Caribe Natural collection. The result is a particularly dense webbing made from the roots of the Bejuco plant, which wraps around the seat, back or table base. This vine-like plant grows in the Eje Cafetero, the coffee-growing region of Colombia, where people use it to make baskets to collect coffee beans. The plant’s roots are dried to separate the bark from the inner, softer fibres. The artisans weave these fibres then by hand around the steel frame. The shape of the furniture follows the popular Caribe pieces, while the beige hue of the natural wicker material gives it a more subtle touch perfect for indoor use.

Caribe Natural 2-Seater Bench
W112 x D69.6 x H72, Seat Height: 41 cm


Cielo Collection
This collection is made in the same way as the Caribe collection; again the furniture is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, on the terrace at home or in street cafés. These lightweight chairs can be easily stacked, which makes them immediate favourites where space is limited. Strings of recycled plastic in vibrant colours developed exclusively for Ames, are woven over powder coated tubular steel frames formed by hand in family-run workshops in Bogotá.

Cielo Stacking Chair
W56 x D51.4 x H78, Seat Height: 46 cm

Cielo Lounge Chair High
W72 x D73 x H106, Seat Height: 42 cm