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Exploring Eden Collection by Bethan Gray & Nature Squared

Award winning British designer Bethan Gray has teamed up with natural surface specialist Nature Squared to create a collection of iridescent furniture and accessories made from reclaimed materials from the fishing and farming industries. This beautiful collection presented at mint expresses a passion for discovery, experimentation and pushes the limits of natural materials.

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Scallop Shell Console

Scallop Shell Console © Inge Clemente

This console is created using Scallop shells and a bio-resin composite. The exotic but plentiful shells used across the collection are sourced from Filipino fishing communities with on-going conservation projects. The shells come in a wide variety of naturally stunning colours from acid yellow through to inky purple, and the subtle pink that the designers have selected for this console. They are carefully trimmed to show their natural striated texture and then inlaid by hand. Once inlaid the designers fill them over with a layer of contrasting colour creating a beautiful and graphic design.

 Scallop Shell Console © Bethan Gray

 Scallop Shell Console © Bethan Gray

Feather Side Table

Feather Side Table © Inge Clemente

The goose feathers used to create this piece are a by-product of farming and food industries. Each feather is individually hand-tinted black from the base, graduating through to the natural white of the feather’s tip. They are matched for size and symmetry, inlaid by hand and sealed with a layer of clear resin. Overall the designers create objects with outstanding quality at the core of their practice ensuring the materials are recognised and cherished.

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