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Material Matters – The new podcast devoted to all things making

British design writer and critic Grant Gibson has published a series of podcasts. Over the course of six 30-minute interviews, Gibson talks to different designers, artists and makers about their relationship to a particular material or technique with which they’re intrinsically linked.

Series one of Material Matters is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcasting platforms, free of charge. Don’t miss out!

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Material Matters  – Textiles by Celia Pym

Series one of Material Matters features: potter Edmund de Waal on porcelain; artist Celia Pym on textiles; wood turner Eleanor Lakelin on timber; designer Bill Amberg on leather; and Peter Layton on glass. Meanwhile in a special bonus recording Gibson talks to New York-based curator and critic Glenn Adamson about his new book Fewer Better Things, which focuses on material intelligence in the digital age.

I’m delighted with the line-up that we’ve put together for the first series of Material Matters,” says Gibson. “The idea is simple really. We’ve interviewed makers and designers from different disciplines, working in a range of materials, to find out a little more about them. Some – like Edmund de Waal and Bill Amberg – are already internationally renowned, while others such as Celia Pym and Eleanor Lakelin are hugely talented and on the cusp of building a significant following. I think it was important too that we met them on their home turf, rather than dragging them into a studio. It means that listeners hear a compressor go off in the middle of my chat with Eleanor, for example, and are even introduced to Edmund’s dog.”

Mending Days by Celia Pym

Flying Gold Cape by Celia Pym

Horse Chestnut Burr Vessels by Eleanor Lakelin

Eleanor Lakelin in her studio

Horse Chestnut Burr Vessels by Eleanor Lakelin

Horse Chestnut Burr Vessels by Eleanor Lakelin

Digitally printed leather by Bill Amberg

Digitally printed leather by Bill Amberg

Digitally printed leather by Bill Amberg

This Is Just to Say by Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal in his studio,West Norwood, London © Toby Glanville 

Perfume Bottle Peter Layton

Peter Layton in his workshop, London

Pink Paradiso by Peter Layton

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