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Mint Presents Eternal Flame by Moritz Waldemeyer

Moritz Waldemeyer is an internationally renowned London-based German artist. His work occupies a diverse range of creative spaces, from art and product design to fashion and entertainment. In 2004 he founded his studio, built on a philosophy of playful experimentation by forging links between technology, art, fashion, and design. This approach has resulted in a number of bespoke installations as well as light-studded costumes for popstars. Moritz acts as head creative in the studio’s projects, crafting his signature aesthetic into each piece.

This lighting collection combines vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology creating a warm and inviting ambiance. It captures the essence of an eternal flame lasting a lifetime with unparallel sophistication.

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Celestial Flame – Lyndon – Installation of 21 Pendant Lights

Lighting originally designed for the London Design Museum for the Barry Lyndon Room part of the highly anticipated Kubrick show. Moritz was inspired by Kubrick’s movie shot entirely in candlelight resulting in one of the most magical painterly movies of all time.

This beautifully crafted installation of LED lighting aims to recreate the warm and inviting ambiance of a flickering candle housed in a classic, retro-inspired design. The candle movement is based on footage of a real candle flame. Its specially designed algorithm animates the flame with endless complexity. This piece combines vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge tech to create stunning lighting built to last a lifetime.

Installation of 21 Lights
HD printed circuit board, bespoke Borosilicate glass


Ménage À Trois – Floor/ Table Lamp

A high-tech update of a traditional candle holder this lamp combines a modern aesthetic with innovative technology. The battery-powered lamp houses minimal circuitry that carries the ‘flame’ — HD LED display — within a domed glass body resting effortlessly on a beautifully crafted Corian base. The result is an object that captures the essence of everything a flame represents whilst simultaneously functioning as an effective light source.

HD Printed circuit board, bespoke Borosilicate glass top, Corian base
W27.5 x H75 cm


Big Oil – Table Lamp

The minimal retro shape of the historic oil lamps has turned the Big Oil into a best seller. This piece is a scaled-up version of the original oil lamp making it a statement in any interior. It brings an atmospheric illumination from the past to the future.

HD printed circuit board, bespoke Borosilicate glass
W20 x H48 cm


Reflections – Wall Lamp

Reflection is a modern take on the traditional wall-mounted candle holder. It is a permanently powered wall light with an elegantly cut mirror reflector enhancing the magic of the HD LED flame.

Spy mirror, HD printed circuit board, bespoke Borosilicate glass
L37 x W17 x D7 cm