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Mint Presents Korean Gallery Wannmul

Mint presents a stunning collection by three prominent designers from the renowned Korean Gallery Wannmul. Established in 2005 the gallery is committed to presenting the work of current and established Korean contemporary crafts. Equally, it supports young artists and aims to keep the essence of Korean traditions.

All pieces are available at Mint for immediate purchase and delivery. For more information please click on the image to take you to the product or email us to enquire at


Root Series by Park Seon-min
This collection of sculptures is inspired by the connections within human society. Reclaimed glass bottles are used for the branches which extend from the ceramic root representing the entanglements in social relationships. Intricate designs using etching techniques are used to beautifully decorate the glass branches and a brushing gold method is incorporated to add an element of luxury.

Brown Tall: W43 x H68 cm | Green: W28 x H46 cm

Brown Low: L40 x H37 cm


Voyager by Jung Yuri
This collection of bags is made from metal and fabric using techniques such as hammering, soldering, and Ottchil (traditional Korean natural lacquer). The Ottchil technique is mainly used to prevent the surface of the metal from oxidizing, however, the designer takes an unconventional approach by applying Ottchil to the metalwork. Overall, the bags are beautifully crafted, and each piece is unique.

Black Rectangle – W35 x D15 x H23 cm
Black Oval – W26 x D13.5 X H14 cm
Red – W13 x H18 cm


Forest of Stools by Kim Su-yeon
This piece is constructed of many delicate layers of glass. The designer repeats the process of drawing stools with glass string on a sheet of glass which is then powder fired in the kiln at a low temperature. The result is in an intricate and striking design and a beautiful visual art piece.

L48.5 x W44 x D3 cm