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My London

South Bank 

As London reopens and we slowly adjust to the new normal please enjoy this specially curated selection of striking pieces. This is displayed alongside our images taken during the lockdown of beautiful green areas in London.

All items in stock are available to purchase with immediate delivery. For more information please click on the items or visit our website.

Lua Light
The Lua Light is inspired by the crescent moon presenting itself partly illuminated by the Sun with an arc-shaped section left in the dark. This indirect light is made with luminous marble, native from Northern Italy, which has the perfect translucency to create a desirable atmosphere. The light is finished with brushed brass and black marble to enhance its lush qualities.


St Mark’s Church

Rose Chair
The designer studies people, their experiences and their bond with objects resulting in an in-depth research on the sentiments of things. From this concept the Rose chair was born, it changes shapes and grows to the sky with long legs, becoming an art sculpture.


Floating Chinese Restaurant, Regents Canal

Cherry Blossom Vases
This project is inspired by smartphones, social media and the increased technological connectivity that has completely and permanently changed the ways in which we engage with each other in our modern societies. The designer draws and records human interactions from the ‘age of the smartphone’ onto porcelain. The vases are created using traditional Korean ceramic techniques and hand painted.


London Zoo Offices 

Scrapwood Collection
The Scrapwood collection is meticulously crafted using traditional wood-working techniques. It brings the designer’s quintessential vocabulary of recycled wood collage to a table design of exceptional grace. Each piece is completed with a high gloss finish for a full expression of the wood’s texture.


Kings Cross Canal

Patchwork Vase
A vase made of patchwork resin pieces, where the variation in transparencies gives a new depth to the piece that can either stand alone, or display flowers beautifully.


Holland Park

Carnivora Planters
These plant pots liberate the plant from the windowsill. The ornate roots are intended to appear as extensions of the plant that allow them to win back their freedom and create a fascinating tension between stillness and movement.


London Zoo

Root Series
This collection of sculptures is inspired by the connections within human society. Reclaimed glass bottles are used for the branches which extend from the ceramic root representing the entanglements in social relationships. Intricate designs using etching techniques beautiful decorated the glass branches and brushing gold is incorporated to add an element of luxury.



Regents Park

Walnut Stump
This piece is created by recovering Walnut trunks from the undergrowth of the Italian Dolomite Mountains. The natural surface of the bark along with the moss growth is preserved using a special resin. This process freezes this section of wood in time.


Primrose Hill

Sainte Pendant Light
The Sainte pendant lights are characterised by a contrast of materials and forces, using a suspension light held by robust nylon straps in dialogue with elegant layered glass shapes. This juxtaposition gives the design a contemporary and minimalist look. The lights, made of float glass, can be suspended in multiples from any angle and height.