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Perception Collection By Nōme – Valeria Sergienko

Valeria Sergienko of the multidisciplinary studio Nome Design is a Russian designer based in Stockholm. Her main research explores the decline of natural resources forcing her to work with non-virgin materials to develop her projects.

Continue reading to discover more about her stunning Perception collection…

Perception Collection © Valeria Sergienko

Valeria Sergienko creates the Perception pieces from waste materials such as denim, leather, paper, plastic, rubber, styrofoam and glass. The intention of the collection is to connect people with the natural environment and eliminate the negative impact through sustainable and sensitive design.

Seeing waste streams as a future starting point rather than an endpoint became the mission of this project.

– Valeria Sergienko

Perception Collection © Valeria Sergienko

Valeria uses these waste materials recycling and treating them with the same appreciation as raw materials. Through her craftsmanship and experimentation, she created original textures and structures that become the base for new products.

Perception Collection © Valeria Sergienko

To create this collection of cups and trays Valeria was inspired by the frigid nature of Iceland.

Silent landscape, frozen horizon, loneliness and human-less, create a magnificent atmosphere and make me experience initial internal feelings, that I expressed in my collection of ceramic objects.

-Valeria Sergienko

Perception Collection © Valeria Sergienko

The concept of the collection is to have one model-prototype and different variations of patterns created randomly like art objects through expression and experimentation. The pieces are all unique and amazingly distinctive in colours and design.

Perception Collection © Valeria Sergienko

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