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Popular Month in Press

It has been a popular month in the press for Mint. Mint is featured in Wallpaper*, AXIS Magazine in Tokyo and House & Garden.

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This month Mint featured in Wallpaper* for the ‘Curve appeal’ editorial based on fully rounded interiors. A few pieces from Mint’s current collection are beautifully styled in this shoot.

Mint has been featured in the Tokyo design magazine, AXIS for the ‘Giving depth to crafts article. In this article curators and shop owners involved in the field of craft introduce one piece of work that visualizes the future of crafts.

Lina selected Dutch designer Olivier van Herpt’s 3D printed vase to represent her opinion.

By pushing the limits of 3D printing technologies, Olivier Van Herpt has modified and configured an extruding machine capable of printing geometrically complex functional objects like bowls and plates, as well as large-scale decorative pieces. The forms are made out of unconventional materials like paraffin and clay. The pattern and scale can all be controlled by Olivier, giving a unique finish to each new object and a distinctly hand-crafted feel. 3D printing has the potential to bring back the unique and individualised objects that artisans historically make. These manufactured objects demonstrate how Olivier reinserts humanity into the man-made machine, radically reinterpreting one of the world’s oldest art forms.


Mint featured in House & Garden for the ‘Colour Block Party’ editorial based on schemes with a Seventies palette. The stylists combine tan and pink, red and blue, alongside the curved shapes of mid- century furniture.

“A colour-blocked background allows simple, well-chosen furniture to shine”

 All of these unique pieces are available at Mint so please feel free to email us at for more details.