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Travel with Mint – Great Civilizations of Antiquity

Moai, Easter Island

Join us on our travels this week to the great civilizations of antiquity. This is paired with a unique collection of stunning pieces.

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Hand Painted Vessel
This vase collection includes a is a series of figures that are captured revealing themselves as merely a decorative object. Unsatisfied, afraid and uncomfortable they each have their own narrative. The simplicity of form and the natural rhythm of the line is characteristic for the artists’ style.


El Castillo, Chichen Itza

Intervening Moon Jar
For this collection the artist explores traditional craftsmanship and new methods. A beautiful fusion of coiling and hand sculpting adds to the tactile feel of this striking object. A tin glazed is used on the inside of the piece which displays a pink hue suggesting functionality.


Parthenon, Athens

The Merge Series presents artistic furniture inspired by stone stacks often found on Korea’s mountain passes. It is an old Korean tradition for good fortune to carefully balance stones into stacks. For the design the structure of the pieces is made of steel which is then covered with traditional natural lacquer, pigment and fine sand. The process of the layering of lacquer is a time consuming and rigorous process.


Leaning Tower, Pisa

Terrazzo Vase
This collection of vases is made using traditional techniques similar to the fabrication of Venetian terrazzo floors. The vases explore the terrazzo production techniques with porcelain as an exciting new material. Each vase reveals its unique colours as a result of the marbling method used during the manufacturing process.


Al-Khazneh, Petra

Source Collection 
With this collection the designers aim to connect with their Armenian heritage through absorbing its cultural history and in particular the architecture. The collection draws inspiration from Armenian churches and the architecture of Yerevan. This ‘hidden source’ became the brainchild for their contemporary reinterpretation resulting in this stunning furniture collection. All the pieces are Limited edition of 10.

Source Shelf

Source Side Tables


Pyramids, Giza

Alpha Chair
The Alpha chair, a solid wood all-purpose stackable chair, brings together the humanistic quality of fine wood with cutting edge technology. The piece takes its name from the letter A, with a silhouette formed when the back legs and backrest are moulded sensually into one.


Great Wall, China

Root Series 
This collection of sculptures is inspired by the connections within human society. Reclaimed glass bottles are used for the branches which extend from the ceramic root representing the entanglements in social relationships. Intricate designs using etching techniques beautiful decorated the glass branches and brushing gold is incorporated to add an element of luxury.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Balance of Beauty
The simplicity of the Balance of Beauty collection provides the reflection of beauty with a solid point. The mirror is constructed in such a way that it needs no base, the hemisphere only touches the base at one point which looks incredibly elegant. The tables are made of oxidised brass resulting in a beautiful blue patina colour adding a playful, organic feel to what would otherwise be very simple furniture. This piece is limited edition.