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Winter Selects

Feel inspired by Mint’s favourite collectibles. Bringing together a selection of exclusive furniture pieces, sculptural marvels and a distinctive lighting installation.

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Sainte Pendant Light 
The Sainte pendant lights are characterised by a contrast of materials and forces, using a suspension light held by robust nylon straps in dialogue with elegant layered glass shapes. This juxtaposition gives the design a contemporary and minimalist look. The lights, made of float glass, can be suspended in multiples from any angle and height.


Ven.To Table
Designed by nature and preserved in contemporary design, this 300-year-old cedar tabletop is characterised by an imprint by lightning. The solid wood tabletop is elevated by elegant hand-blown Murano glass legs and finished with copper fasteners connecting two exquisite materials.


Atmos Perfume Installation
This scent diffusing sculpture is created to archive a truly unique sensory experience. The base is made from Travertine stone held together with brass bolts and the beautiful Meranti wood is used to diffuse unique botanical perfume.


Claything is a collection of innovative flexible ceramics which explore the potential of ceramics by breaking its static and rigid preconceptions. The designer re-envisions the possibilities of clay and aims to integrate textile ceramics in interior design and architecture. The creative process results in an unexpected wall sculpture with a new tactile aesthetic.


Surfacing Stump
The Surfacing Stump captures the raw essence of nature. The piece is made of recovered logs from the undergrowth of the magnificent Dolomite Mountains. The natural surface of the bark, including the vegetation, is perfectly preserved using a specially formulated resin, freezing this piece of nature in time.


Les Ambassadrices
This painting explores the rich tradition of oil painting, which the artist strives to reconcile with modern themes of influence, memory, and personal representation. Particularly drawn to the Italian Mannerists whose study of the distortion of perception seems in striking parallel with current notions of visual manipulation. The subjects depicted are mostly taken from Instagram as well as exploring imaginary worlds of the artist’s close friends.

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