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Wonders of Mauritius by Cypraea

Mint showcases the natural wonders of Mauritius with the exclusive furniture company, Cypraea. The brand was born from the dream of Cedric Lincoln, a Mauritian entrepreneur and engineer in collaboration with Italian architect and designer Francesco Maria Messina. Cypraea seeks to convey the preciousness of the land through innovative designs that transcends the conventional boundaries of furniture, blending design with nature in perfect harmony. Their unique capsule collection supports the environmental associations; Reef Conservation International and Mauritian Wildlife, active in safeguarding the island’s fragile ecosystem by creating awareness about climate change and predominately the rising sea levels.

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Ile Maurice Low Table

Ile Maurice Low Table © Cypraea

The Ile Maurice collection aims to create awareness about climate change and predominately the rising sea levels as one of the main damaging effects. And more specifically the Islands of the Mauritian archipelago that are already experiencing severe disasters.

Ile Maurice Low Table © Inge Clemente

The low tables are designed to recall the higher mountains – Piton de la Riviere Noire in Mauritius, and Mont Limon and Mont Malartic in Rodrigues that would be virtually the only survivors to the rising ocean waters.

Ile Maurice Low Table © Cypraea

The design of the custom water effect tempered glass tabletop is an outline of the Island of Mauritius, which is supported by a natural Coral or Lava stone.

Ile Maurice Low Table © Cypraea

Aqua Shelf

Aqua Shelf © Cypraea

The Aqua collection is inspired by water as the driving force of nature. Mauritius and its lagoons are protected by the world’s third-largest coral reef. The reflections and patterns drawn by the water’s movement on the coral seabed inspired the design.

Aqua Shelf © Inge Clemente

The organic crystalline shapes define the collection’s fluid aesthetic. Opposite materials and textures are brought together to reflect the relationship between the ocean and the sand. The piece is constructed form gold mirrored acrylic, aluminium lining with Lava sand finish.

Cypraea short film © Fatdog Productions

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